Who are You Praying To?

So many are desiring, looking, and searching for a meaningful relationship with God. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact it is commendable. There are also many who want to help those who are searching to fulfill that desire.

Many out there are telling us that the god that we are looking for is really already deep inside of us, and all we have to do is to make contact with him and we will have better lives, contentment, power, and fulfillment. We are told that contemplative prayer, or centering prayer, also called centered prayer will give us access to God. The god that they tell us is already there.

Well, it is true, there is a god deep inside of us, and most of us don't realize how easy he really is to get in touch with. We are not aware of how much a part of our lives he is every day. So, who is this god that many are encouraging us to get in touch with? Well way back in the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the world, and the Creator God was their ruler, their God. But an imposter came and tempted Eve and she fell for his temptation. Adam also went along with her decision and in doing so, turned this world over to Satan. Satan then became the Ruler, the god of this world.

Satan does not respect our freedom of choice and let us decide who takes up residence in our hearts and minds. He simply moves in and takes control. In a sense, we could say that Satan is in us from birth. We are born sinful. We may not have sinned yet but we are born with a sinful nature. Sin is our default, it controls us from Day One. The Bible refers to this as the "flesh", the "carnal man", the "body of sin". We also refer to this entity as "self". Self wants to be in control. It is unwilling that any other power has control.

When we endeavor to make contact with the god within us, who are we really getting in touch with? You guessed it! We are in fact making contact with Satan, also referred to as "the divine" the ruler of this world.

Doing this contemplative prayer will not lead us to the true God, the "Great I Am", the Creator of the universe. It will only lead us to the usurper, Lucifer, the one who wanted to take God's place as God, the one who desperately wants us to worship him instead of God. And many are falling for his deception and are worshiping him, unawares.

If we do not have a relationship with the true God, we will not find Him inside us! We will only find Him by surrendering our all to Him, by giving Him permission to come into our hearts and minds to control our thoughts, feelings, and motives. God will never take control of us without our permission. Neither will He remain in control without our moment by moment permission. And He will never allow us to control Him. We are to be controlled by Him and not the other way around. Repeating mantras will never bring Him into our lives or bring us into contact with Him. It will only bring us into contact with the prince of darkness.

The following is a quote from Rick Howard.

Henry J. M. Nouwen, one of the fathers of modern spiritual formation, and others during the last few centuries have simply revived an ancient mystical method of altering one's consciousness, through the knowledge and control of certain mental processes. They gave these processes the names centering prayer and contemplative prayer, tucking them nicely within the Roman Catholic discipline called spiritual formation, deceiving Christians into believing this is a blessing, promoting the spiritual growth of the Christian and eventually leading to a new experience with God; the experience of coming into His presence.

What makes this deception so treacherous is that Satan has designed and initiated the entire process, and that the mystical place called the silence is the same as the trance of psychics or spirit mediums, occultists, and magicians; it is the same as the samadhi of the Hindu yogi, the trance of the hypnotist, or mental realms of the two great literary mystics of the eighteenth century, Emerson and Thoreau. They are all the same thing! It is a place in the mind where normal thought processes cease, hence, the quiet place, or silence. This altered state is necessary to have the supernatural experience sought after by all the mystics down through the ages. It is also necessary to hear "Jesus" voice speak to us and to have the mystical experiences of those practicing spiritual formation today.

I know these things because I have been there. I was there during the time I practiced meditation under the tutorship of a "spirit medium:' I was there during the time I practiced meditation, learning to use supernatural and psychic powers in the mind-control courses I took. I was there when I thought I left my body practicing astral projection. I was there when I was possessed by a spirit preparing to do automatic writing. I was there at a seance when communicating with a spirit. I was there when paralyzed and ceased to breathe, meditating and engulfed in flames emanating from a picture of my guru, the great Hindu master Sri Chinmoy, spiritual leader of the United Nations in the 1970s.

I know about the silence, the quiet place, the stillness, and, once again, so you will understand, so does any other person who ever lived and meditated as a mystic, occultist, magician, witch, soothsayer, ancient Greek priestess of temple gods and goddesses, or witch doctor, or voodoo priest, or New Ager, and on and on and on.

Please listen carefully!

It is an absolute error for any Seventh-day Adventist pastor, educator, church elder, member, conference president or administrator, to attempt to explain, justify, excuse or claim in any way that this experience is different and is not a satanically-inspired supernatural and hypnotic form of mysticism. It is not different, and we, who have been there and have been saved by the grace of God, know it is not different, no matter what anyone might say as they try to justify the practice of spiritual formation's "contemplative/mystical prayer." It is ancient satanic mysticism, and that is that!

God, in His infinite wisdom and by His unerring providence, led some of us to be in the positions we are in today because we know it is not different. God, whose ways are beyond our understanding, brought us into His remnant church, not only to save us, but prior to our deliverance allowed us to desperately search through the confusing, deceptive, and supernatural world of the occult, waiting until the right moment to miraculously facilitate our escape. Why? So He would have some of us in His church with the experience necessary to know about these things; to know it is not different.

These are people He can trust to "never leave a soul unwarned" and call this deception the satanic evil that it is; people who cannot keep silent when they see innocent souls encouraged to attend classes where mysticism is taught by teachers in God's remnant church; teachers who have been trained at Catholic or Protestant institutes, such as the Shalem Institute near Washington, D.C., established as a part of a plan to win over the whole world in preparation for the final conflict of the ongoing Battle of Armageddon.

--- End Quote

If you want a real, exciting, victorious, power-filled life, then the following prayer is for you. If you pray this prayer (or variations of it every day) your life will never be the same again. I can guarantee that your life will not be humdrum and boring. God will bring you as many challenges and victories as you can handle. In fact, you may even want to ask Him to give you a break.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Father in Heaven,

I come to you because I need You. I desperately need You.
I can do nothing without You, I am nothing without You, I have nothing except as You give it to me.

You have made everything, and nothing exists without You or apart from You.

I repent of all my sins and ask You to forgive me for my sins... (There are always sins that we are unaware of but be as specific as you can).

I surrender my all to you... (be specific if you need to be).

I acknowledge that Jesus is Your Son, the great 'I Am' who has existed from eternity past, and that He came here as a baby and lived a perfect life. He then took my sins upon Himself as though He had committed them. He took my judgment, my condemnation, my guilt, and died the second death for me so I will not have to die it. When You looked at Jesus on the cross You saw me, and said let Him die. I accept what Jesus has done for me by His suffering and death on the cross. I accept and rejoice that when you look at me you see Jesus. I don't understand it, but I accept it by faith.

And more than this, I also accept Jesus' offer to give me His perfect life that He lived and to live it out in my life. I give Jesus permission to come into my life by faith through the Holy Spirit and live His life out in me, to give me His thoughts, His feelings, His motives, and to work His character in my life. I give you permission to give me the mind of Christ, so my thoughts will be His thoughts. I also reckon myself dead to sin but alive to Christ.

Give me the victory over... (specify the sin/s you need the victory over) because I can't gain the victory in my own strength. It is only You who can give me the victory.

I give you permission to do whatever it takes to save me, and to work your character in my life.

Give me the knowledge, wisdom and strength that I will need today to deal with what comes my way.

You have promised to do all of this for me, so, thank you for renewing your covenant with me, clothing me with Christ's precious robe of Righteousness, not because of anything that I can do or have done, but because of what Jesus has done for me and is doing in and through me.

I am your child, and I am willing to do your bidding.

In Jesus precious name I pray,


2 Timothy 2:15