Grace, God's Grace...

Grace,God's Grace, what exactly is it? Do we know, or can we know? Our relationship with God would be revolutionized if we would begin each day by meditating on God's overwhelming grace. We need to understand what grace is and how it effects us and our relationship with God, because it is all grace from Start to Finish.

The whole reason for our existing, as human beings, is to glorify God here, and then to spend eternity enjoying our relationship with Him. Our whole lives are to revolve around our relationship with God. When this relationship is what it should be, then we will be able to enjoy God in the fullness of grace. Our relationship with God begins right here and now and will extend through all eternity. We can begin to enjoy a relationship with God when we begin to glimpse the meaning of grace.

How can a God who is infinitely holy, hating sin with a perfect hatred, own the human race that is so sinful and rebellious? We have no idea how infinitely holy God is or how sinful we really are. It is because of the divine, unfathomably deep love of God the Father, Jesus, His Son and the Holy Spirit and their longing for us to share in their perfect love relationship, that God extends His grace to us. There is absolutely nothing innately lovable in the rebellious human race. That is why God's grace is so incredible, amazing and surprising. If it wasn’t, it would not be grace. Wycliffe Hall said:

“ Grace means more, far more than we can put into words, because it means nothing less than the infinite character of God himself. It includes mercy for the undeserving and unmerciful, help for the helpless and hopeless, [power for the needy and powerless], redemption for the renegade and repulsive, love for the unloving and unlovely, kindness for the unkind and unthankful. And all this in full measure and overflowing abundance, because of nothing in the object and because of everything in the Giver, God himself.”

Human love flourishes when it is responded to, but tends to decline and die when it is rejected. But God’s love and grace continue even when misunderstood, rejected, or ignored. God’s grace continues regardless of our success or failure. There is nothing we can do to make God love us more and there is nothing we can do to make God love us less. But we need to be careful not to spurn God’s incredible love and grace. Why? Because it is not God’s infinite love that saves us. It is how we respond to it that saves us, whether we accept, or reject it. Lucifer doubted, then rejected God’s love, this is what caused his downfall.

The first thing we should do every morning is to pray, acknowledging our sinfulness and helplessness apart from God. Asking Him for forgiveness, and grace to empower us to do His will, to keep us from sinning. Then accept, and thank Him for His forgiveness and grace to live as He lived.

We desperately need His grace. Grace to forgive, grace that empowers us to live and love as God lives and loves. Grace to glorify His name in our daily living. Grace, God's Amazing Grace without which we would be helpless,hopeless and lost.

Grace is God giving us what we don't deserve; mercy is God not giving us what we do deserve; and peace comes when we live in God's mercy and grace.

2 Timothy 2:15