Used Up

I know that most people realize that we only have one chance at life. We cannot retrace our steps. It is a total waste of time saying I wish I could do it over again. I would do it differently if I could. You can't. No matter how much you think about it and wish you could, You Can't. And in doing so you continue wasting away your life. This time is gone and can never be regained. You only end up with that much less life to live, enjoy and do good.

Not only can we not change the past for ourselves, but we cannot change the past for others. Let's think about this more deeply. If I am mistreating those that I relate to, I am wasting their lives as well as mine. I am removing the joy and contentment from their lives that they deserve. Not only are we wasting our own lives when we do these things we are wasting the lives of those we deal with in life. If the things we say or do limit the potential of others, we are wasting their lives. We do the most damage in this area with our spouses and then our children. When we do and say things that hurt and frustrate them we are wasting their lives. When we spend time sulking and wishing things could be different we are wasting the lives of those who we could be bringing joy to if we weren't so self-possessed. Our lives are to be spent helping others to be the best they can be, bringing joy to everyone we come into contact with, and not thinking about ourselves and what we can gain form them. Any time spent doing otherwise is wasting their lives, as well as ours.

So, whose life are you wasting?

Remember, there are no rathers. And you are wasting your life and the lives of others by even thinking about what I could have, or should have done. Don't waste any more time on your mistakes than it takes to learn from them, and then move on. Make up for them by putting forth extra effort to bring happiness to those around you.

2 Timothy 2:15