"What's Going on in America?"

Liberals want to remove every hint of Christianity from America and legislate their values: same-sex marriage, homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, abortion on demand, including partial birth abortion, no public prayer, any reference to God removed from public view and life, only evolution to be taught as fact in public and private schools, no home schools, the state to be the legal guardian of children, etc.

Doesn't this remind you a bit of communism?

Conservatives want to keep America as its founding fathers intended it to be - a society which operated on Christian values whose laws reflected those values (Ten Commandments) but at the same time DID NOT legislate those values. They intended its people to be free to practice their religious beliefs without fear of curtailment. These values Conservatives want to see continue in America.

The problem is that Liberals want their values (or their 'anti-religious' bias) to be put into law. They are not satisfied with being allowed to practice their values, they want them legislated! They want their values protected and promoted by law. But these values and these laws fly in the face of the values of Conservatives and would remove Conservative values from society. Conservatives would then be forced to practice their beliefs in secrecy since most, if not all, of them would be outlawed.

Those who first came to America were fleeing this kind of society! America was founded on freedom - freedom to believe and practice as one chose, including one's religion and religious beliefs. In other words, freedom to live as one chose, as long as it didn't hurt others. The laws of the land were based on the last six laws of the Ten Commandments as found in Exodus Chapter 20. These laws are all that should be needed if people would live by the spirit of these laws. Our forefathers understood that the first four Commandments related to one's personal relationship with God and should not be enforced by law. They believed that individuals should be free to worship God or not, as they chose. They even put it into the Constitution that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The Constitution and The Bill of Rights were to protect society from legislation over religious values."

Now we see Liberals doing everything in their power to make more laws to protect their 'anti-religious' values which will remove Christian values from America. Because of this, Conservatives are beginning to rise up against this Liberal movement. In a desperate attempt to thwart the Liberal movement, they will reject all that America stands for and enact laws to protect their Christian values in order to save America for God, removing religious freedom at the same time.

But there's a major flaw with what Conservatives seek to do. God has made us free moral agents and because of this, no laws are to be made by man regarding religion. Whenever a government or authority chooses to enforce a matter of conscience on people, it is out of place. Rather, a government offering true freedom provides its people the privilege of choice in matters of conscience, which, in the end, brings greater strength to the society. The Conservative movement would be wise to understand the issue of worship according to the Fourth Commandment. Mostly, Conservatives have forgotten the very commandment God told us to remember. God wants us to remember to keep the 7th day of the week holy, not the 1st day of the week. In desperation and 'forgetfulness', a law that honors Sunday (a tradition of man) as God's holy day, rather than Saturday, the Sabbath, will be enacted. Prophecy teaches that this will bring down God's wrath upon them. The result will be catastrophic and will bring about the end of this world, as we know it. Refer to Daniel and Revelation, specifically Revelation Chapter 13, 14 and onwards, for a description of these events. Also, read the book 'The Great Controversy' by Ellen G. White. Look for it at Adventist Book Centers or your local Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Remember, God never forces anyone. He gives each individual freedom to choose to follow Him or not. If God will not coerce us, who is man to think he has that right? It is this principal of religious freedom that the USA was built on.

To keep up with what the Conservative Movement is doing, listen to: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Reagan, Dr. Michael Savage, Laurie Roth, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, etc. These are some of the voices of conservatism in America.

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