Letter to God with His Response

  Dear God,
You see, God, it is like this . . . we could attend church more faithfully if your day came at some other time. You have chosen a day that comes at the end of a hard week, when we are all tired out. Not only that, but it is the day following Saturday night, and often we go to the movies or have a party, and it is after midnight when we get in. In fact, the children are often late for Sunday school because it is difficult for us to get up so early. It is usually after 9 o'clock before we get the breakfast dishes washed, and then it is time to think about Sunday dinner.

You have picked out the very day on which the morning paper takes the longest to read and also the day on which we have the biggest dinner of the week. Then, too, we must think of John. He is cooped up in the office all week, and Sunday morning is the only time to clean the car and for doing odd jobs around the house. And you know how John enjoys fishing, and you really can't blame him for going when he can. The whole family enjoys a picnic, and Sunday is the only time the family can have some recreation together.

I am telling you all these things because I want you to see our view point and that it is not our fault that we are not able to go to Church on Sunday morning. We would like to go, and we know that we should go, but the real reason we cannot go is that you have chosen the wrong day. If you will select another day, we shall be glad to give the matter further consideration.


You said it right, My child, I did choose a "day that comes at the end of a hard week, when you are all tired out" so that you could rest with Me and have a day of Recreation (Re-creation). But it is not I who got it wrong, it is you. Is it not sad and tragic enough that the public schools have banned Me, but today even most churches and religious schools do not even know the difference between the 7th and the 1st day? Has not the 1st day become a memorial to your mixed up world in that so many have accepted the common notion that the 1st day of the week is part of the weekend? Keep repeating this to yourself until the light dawns on you: The first day of the week is the beginning of the week, not the weekend -- the end of the week. You see, I AM THAT AM, I AM LORD, I AM THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER, AND SO IS MY WORD. I and I only made the week and no man has made or invented it. It is My week and it has not changed from the first week until now. Sunday is the first day of the week the day that My Son Jesus Christ arose from the grave on, and you have not lost site of that, you are very certain of the day of the week that He arose on, and you are right. But so many of you think that that is the day that I want you to worship me on, but I have never asked you to worship me on the first day of the week or changed the day that I want to spend resting and talking with you on. It is you who have forgotten which day I asked you to remember and to spend worshiping and resting with me.

So, go ahead, My child. Go out after sundown on Saturday night. Take your time and read that big Sunday paper, have your big dinner, tell John it's okay to clean the car and do those odd jobs around the house, and do whatever work he needs to do, or go fishing and have a picnic with the family if you all want to, because I DO see your view point. So much so, I've given you My all, even the life of My very own Son, to die for you and take away your sins. That's why He is called Christ Jesus. He is the Anointed One to save you from, not in, your sins. So it's up to you. Go to church on Sunday if you think you need to, but what I really care about is that you "KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS," not man's traditions, especially the Fourth. That's why, of all the Ten that My Son wrote with His very own finger, it's the only Commandment that I began with "REMEMBER" and, please take notice, I didn't say "Remember the first day", I said "REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY, THE SEVENTH DAY IS THE SABBATH" (Ex. 20:8-10).

It is not I Who "has chosen the wrong day" but you, My wayward, confused child. Now that you know there is and has always been another day on which you can rest and get to know Me, it is good to know that you are willing to "give the matter further consideration", but REMEMBER, they are not ten recommendations or ten suggestions, they are MY TEN COMMANDMENTS. It was by My Son, Who is One with Me, that spoke and wrote them on the mountain and by Him I also said, "If you love Me, keep My Commandments" (John 14:15).

Truthfully and Lovingly,

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