A Sinner's Prayer

Pray out loud. Satan can't read your mind only God can, and he needs to hear this just as much as God does.

Father in heaven, please forgive me for ignoring your calls in the past and walking away from you. I am so thankful that you never left me, that you were always right behind me protecting my life and giving me the opportunity to turn around and give my life to you. Father please forgive me for.... (Be as specific as you can be.) Take me today, I am your child, your (son / daughter), I can do nothing without you. I am nothing without you. I would cease to exist if it weren't for your sustaining power in my life. Please fill me with your spirit and control my thoughts and feelings. I acknowledge that I can do nothing to save myself, but I desperately want to be saved, so I give you permission to do whatever it takes to save me and to work your character out in my life. I can't get the victory over my sins without you giving me the victory, so please give me the victory over all my sins. Please renew your covenant of love with me and clothe me with Christ's spotless robe of righteousness, not because of anything I have done or can do, but because of what Jesus has done for me when He died in the cross for my sins. What he is doing in me, and through me. Make me a witness for you today in all that I do and use me for your honor and your glory.

In Jesus precious name I pray this, Amen.

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